Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Holy Hot and It's not the weather!

Wow, another year in the books. How strange. Well, 2015. This year I want to give my life to Christ, especially in these 7 months. That is my resolution for this year. I only have a certain amount of time in the mission field, and in life, to be able to serve him so I want to make the most of every moment that I have. I hope that the service that I have done and will continue to do won't end. Just my role in the work of the Lord will change a little.

We started this year off really good. The members are excited, the investigators are coming to church, my companion and I are working like crazy, and things are looking good! We were able to have a good week. 

UPDATE: Ruby is awesome. She is doing really well. She came to church yesterday and she loved it. She really has got a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel. Esteban didn't come to church because he didn't have credit on his phone to call us and tell us to come by and we didn't call him, we just texted. We kind of dropped the ball on that one, but he is also great. Ruby asked why he didn't come and she said "That is too bad he couldn't come, he really is missing out on something really special." Yeah, she is gold. I can't wait for her baptism. Good stuff people. 
Some other events: We are still doing a lot of intercambios so that is fun. I mean, exchanges. I ate a habanero at one of the lunch appointments. I almost died. Then the morning after, I almost died again.... ha-ha. One of the less active members told us he had a vision saying that Monterrey will be destroyed in the year 2016. Good thing I am out of here in 2015! Also, it is cold. And our boiler doesn't work. Well, it works, but it only heats up the water to a little bit warmer than room temp. Mornings are so hard...temps at night are in the low 40s and a cinder block house with no insulation gets cold. But life is good. I love working the mission field because I love being a worker in the vineyard of the Lord. I hope you all have a great year and that you all are healthy, happy, and keeping the commandments!!!! 

Elder Morris

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