Friday, January 23, 2015

Don't worry, the Church is true!

Life as a zone leader. Last Thursday: Leadership council all day. Tuesday: Zone Training AND exchanges with the Assistants. Wednesday: Zone conference which I had to direct. Then Monday: No P-day. Tuesday. Exchanges. Wednesday: I didn't get to work in my area because we had to go find a missionary who went rogue and ditched his companion. We had a man hunt on bikes all around our little city of Cadereyta. Then we found him just in time to go to the mission offices to spend the night because on Thursday: TEMPLE! WHOO HOO!! The temple was great. I finally got to eat some good campechanas!! IT was great. Time to relax and time to chill. 

We have been able to find some new people that are really ready to be baptized. And the best part is that half of them are part member families. Families are the most important folks. Remember that.
 So, what is it that I have learned in the time since I last wrote? The Lord has a plan. It is infinitely expansive and infinitely detailed, yet everything is so simple that all we have to do is ask and He tells us what He would like. What I have learned is that everything will work out. Life will get better if you are doing your best. There is a saying that my companion uses a lot because it is funny. "Don't worry, the Church is true." It is 100% true, it is just funny because he uses it for everything, jokingly of course. "Elder, we don't have any more toilet paper!!!" "Don't worry, the Church is true." But I know that it has a lot of solace. Really, nothing else matters. The church is true. I invite you to keep that in mind and pray to know that it is true. If you know it, do it to get the confirming revelation that the Lord has promised. If you knew it once and have strayed a little, do it to renew the conviction you once had. If you don't know it, but want to, test the Lord, He never fails. But do it with a heart ready to follow the answer and with the humility required to submit your will to that of the Lord. Lastly, I want to share with you my testimony. The Lord works in small ways. He works through humble, weak, but dedicated humans to bring about the happiness that He desires for all his earthly children. The Lord loves you. I know that more than I know that I am sitting here in Mexico. People, the Lord wants you to be happy. He is pouring buckets of blessings!!!! Don't you dare put up your umbrella! Do what you need to do to be able to except all that the Lord is doing for you, all that He is WILLLING to do for you. I love you, the Lord loves you, and you need to love you. Be happy, “Don't worry, the Church is true”.

Love Elder Morris

P.S. Please keep in your prayers my Grandparents if you wouldn't mind. They had a serious auto accident. Elliott and Shirley Morris. They deserve your prayers. They are the best, most humble people. 

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