Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Wow, what a week. Well, I am back in Cadereyta. haha I went from Cadereyta 2 transfers ago and now I am back! But in a different area. Now I will be working closer to the center, with less hills. I am also training!!! WHOO HOO! So I will be here till the end of my mission. Wash clothes by hand!!! Ha-ha it isn't actually too bad. Also, we don't have hot water. BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER!! Because it is going to get super hot soon!! Until then we are using an electric water heater contraption. So we have a bucket of hot water to use. But, like the last time I opened an area training, they left us with nothing. Not even progressing investigator forms. It looks as if they didn't even make them. Also, we just barely got a map so this last week we were just walking around knocking on doors and contacting. But it was so cool to see the Lord working with us. 

First, we found a really cool family! The mom appears to have been baptized as a little girl but went inactive early and doesn't remember anything. They are awesome. A family of 5 who all have potential. 
Second, we found a father and son (and maybe wife). They have a tienda and they gave us soda and chips after our lesson. The dad is super interested and is reading the lesson one pamphlet.
Third, we were walking to an appointment when a little girl comes running up behind us and says that some people want to talk to us. Usually the only people that want to talk to us are drunk guys! So I was a little suspicious as we follow this girl to a couple of ladies sitting on their porch. Soon we found out that 2 of them are members less active and the third is a friend. All three have kids of the age of baptism that haven't been baptized and they want us to come by every week and teach them. Ha-ha All righty then, you tell me when and where and we will be there!!! We are seeing some really great stuff happening here.

Every day that I wake up I am inspired by my companion. Every day I thank my Father in Heaven for him and for his dedication, for his love, and for his desire. You see, my companion isn't like all the rest that I have had. My companion has a muscle disease that keeps him from correctly controlling his muscles. The doctors were negligent when he was born and he wasn't given the care he needed. Because of that, neurons in his brain died that control his muscles subconsciously. So basically, every movement of his arms or legs is a concentrated effort.  Of all the missionaries that I have known, not one is even close to the great example that he is. He is one of the most humble and most dedicated missionaries I have known. He is just awesome. He doesn't care about setbacks or limitations, he just wants to serve the Lord. I am so glad that he is my companion. I really feel it a huge honor to be his companion. Every second that I have with him gives me motivation to give it my all. I don't know what else to say about him, other than this kid is the motivation that I need to finish running 110%. Missionaries always talk about "Dyeing" their last couple transfers. This kid deserves everything that I have got because he is sacrificing so much. I know that the Lord put him with me to impact my life. He already has in just 1 week. 

Remember, the Lord knows what happens, He knows what we can do. We are the ones who limit ourselves. Folks, give it your all, not just because that is what others expect, but because you want to dedicate yourself to the Lord.
Have a great week!

Elder Morris

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mitch's letter home 5/11/15

Well, not much to update. I am getting transferred. That is something new. The mother's day call was great. I love making my mom laugh, I hate when she makes me cry. (Because of the spirit folks). We will see how this week goes, where in Monterrey will Elder Morris go? Who knows, but everything has its purpose. Wherever I end up and with whomever it is, it will be because the Lord wants me to be there. Last week I shared my testimony of the Book of Mormon with a sister from my home ward. I enjoyed sharing my testimony with someone besides an investigator and so I want to share it with you guys too.

You can't testify enough. They say that the convert that really matters is the missionary. I truly believe that. Our mission president challenged us to read and study the Book of Mormon, marking every reference of Christ, His words (said by Him or His prophets), His attributes, and His doctrine. As a missionary you hear all the time "The Mormon Bible". While doing this challenge, I was able to gain a personal and first-hand testimony from the Holy Ghost testifying to me of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. The BOM is exactly what it says, "Another Testament of Jesus Christ". Folks, Read this book!!! Love this book!! People that have a serious interest in finding out if the BOM is the word of the Lord don't have to wait until they get to Moroni 10:3-5. They don't have to read of the Savior's personal ministry here in the Americas. They don't have to search and look for truth and wait more time to be prepared. If they read it with "Real intent, a sincere heart, and in faith in Jesus Christ", the Holy Ghost will tell them. The Book of Mormon is the Keystone of our religion. If we make it the Keystone in our lives, only then will the FULLNESS of the Restored Gospel make a profound and lasting change upon our hearts, changing the very nature of the carnal man into a dedicated and converted disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. I love this book. I can't even begin to describe it. This book has to be true. There is no other option, there is no other way. I know it because I live it. And if others want to know it, they have to do the same.
Love ya!

Elder Morris

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!

May 4, 2015

First,  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!!!! WHOO HOOO!! Wow, you guys are old! 25 years? That is pretty neat. I want to be like you when I grow up!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!
This week we had some cool stuff happen. Okay, who am I kidding. This week was pretty normal. We just had leadership counsel and a zone conference and exchanges with the assistants. Nothing too crazy. It was really funny. President Bird was talking about how they were waiting to hear from their daughter because she was super pregnant. Then he started telling the graphic story about how their second daughter was born, making all the sisters go woozy, it was so funny! Then a little while later he went on a rant for like 25 minutes about how men can't multitask and women can. With many stories from his personal life. I was just dying from laughing so much!! Good stuff!
Well, I don't have any more time. Life is good. Missionary life keeps moving, even when you don't want it to. For example, the mission secretary just called me asking me what my home airport was. I told them Hawaii so Mom and Dad, you have to pick me up in Hawaii. (hehe) No, just kidding. Well I got to go!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

                                                                           Love the Temple- My Zone