Monday, June 1, 2015

Here she is, my trusty steed, Pink Power! That's right I'm riding in style.

Well, this week was pretty normal. We walked, contacted and taught. Hmm, not much more happened this week. It is pretty slow going to find those interested in listening to our message. But, little by little we found people. This week we found a husband and wife that are really great. We passed by and we talked with them for a little and got to know them. They feel the need for something more in their lives. It is something cool to see the people recognize that this really is a fulfilling thing for their lives. I don't know if that made sense. The gospel completes our lives. It helps us grow and through following the precepts of our Savior, our lives are literally completed, or fulfilled. I don't even know which sounds right in English anymore. But through living like our Savior, all our faults, shortcomings, and difficulties are changed for the better. We find out more of who we are and we understand who our Father wants us to become.
Well folks that is all I have! Have a great week!
Elder Morris

This was a good week! We worked hard and we had an investigator to come to church!! And she liked it! So that was cool. We had some pretty sweet lessons this week also. 
Let's see what happened this week? Well, on Saturday my companion got hazed by Mother Nature. We were sitting in a park waiting for a member who was going to accompany us to a lesson when all of the sudden it got really windy. My companion was like “that is weird". I didn't think it was weird. I just started running for the nearest tree. Then it got dark and he realized what was going to happen. He got so nervous when we saw the wall of rain coming. It literally was just a wall. One second we were dry and the other we were super wet. It was nuts. We were just getting drenched and drenched. It was probably one of the hardest rain storms I have ever seen. Luckily the member got there WITH A CAR!!! I was so happy. We went to the lesson and had just a super spiritual lesson about the restoration of the gospel. We talked about the Apostasy, Joseph Smith, and the first vision, and the Book of Mormon. SO COOL! The spirit was so strong. It was great experience for my companion. He said that it was the strongest spiritual lesson that he has had in the mission field. It was great! Then the sister came to church!!!! We were happy! All in all, things were great. Time flies. I can't even remember most of the week. Time can't go by this quick, but that is what happens I guess. 
Anyways, have a great week!!

Elder Morris
My awesome Comp Elder Fernandez

Toe meets chard of glass.

Chard of glass that was under the sink, WHAT!