Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Lord needed his valiant son. Love you Grandpa!

Well, I really don't know what to say. I have a million moments passing through my mind's eye. I don't even know where to begin. Okay, a little bit from the week.

We have an investigator that is progressing really well. Her name is Ruby. She is really great and has come to church 4 times. Well, one of her old pastors came and was talking her out of coming to church. She was letting the world tell her and teach her of Godly things. So we gave her a blessing to be able to receive an answer from her Heavenly Father. We invited her to pray, asking specifically for direction from Him. She accepted. The next day we passed by and she had a story to tell us. That night she had had a dream. She was walking along a path in an open field. As she was walking along this path, some lilies caught her attention. She walked over to them and noticed the whiteness and brightness of these lilies. She said to herself "These are the lilies that I have been looking for and have always wanted. I think I will ask the lady to sell me some." She then turned, looking for the owner, but found no one. Looking back at them she said "Look how white they are. They are just like the white shirts of the missionaries." Then she woke up. The Lord answers prayers. The Lord cares about us and if we have questions about things pertaining to the Kingdom of God, why would we look in the worldly kingdom for the answers? Don't accept anything less than an answer from a loving Heavenly Father. Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you. Prayer works my friends.

Last night we had a meeting with the stake president and Mission President about how we can help the work in our zones. The answer, WORK WITH THE MEMBERS!!! All you members should make time to go with the missionaries. Just saying. But before the meeting, President Bird pulled me into a classroom to talk. He told me that my Grandfather had passed away. I didn't know what to feel. Truth is, I had been expecting that. Ever since Saturday, I had had a feeling that the Lord needed his valiant son with him more than he needed him here in a failing body. It is good to know that the Lord is now using him for the salvation of many on the other side of the veil. My companion said I was strong, but my wet pillow at the end of the day said something different. One thing that I have learned about the Atonement of Jesus Christ is that for me it doesn't take away the pain at the beginning. Life is still painful, just like a wound at first. But it does soothe the pain. It is the Holy Balm that if we apply it, it will heal whatever wound, spiritual or physical. The atonement is not just for the spiritual pain, but also for the pain that as humans we are susceptible to feel. Pain from hurt feelings, from a bad day, or from the loss of someone dear to your heart. The Lord does take away the pain, if we open ourselves up to His healing hands. My hope is that we can all accept and utilize the healing power of the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ. I love you guys so much. Have a great week!

Elder Morris

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