Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Things are a little different here

This week was good. It is cold here and rainy, so you get really dirty on a bike in the rain. My whole back was wet and muddy from the rain, but wet and cold doesn't have any effect on the work of salvation!!! Well, it does, but you just have to choose to be happy in your circumstances. This week went by really fast and we had a lot of assignments to do. It was pretty good. We had leadership council where we talked a lot about what the mission needs and how we can help the missionaries live up to the potential and the standard that the Lord expects. It is tough out here in Mexico, but it isn't impossible. Matthew 19:26. We have a lot of goals and high expectations. We have a lot of rules and sometimes we don't understand why. But we need to do all we can to obey the commandments of our Father so that we may be worthy and ready to receive His many blessings. We don't understand why and we might question the reason for it, but we just have to humble ourselves and know that for us now or in the future, it will benefit us. 

I hope you all are sharing, liking, tweeting, Instagram, and whatever else is popular these days to share the #SharetheGift initiative! We only have 17 more days until Christmas and only 22 until the end of December!!! Get going people!!! 

Oh, something crazy happened. We were coming back from exchanges, what usually takes 30 min to get to our area by bus took 2 hrs. There were some people protesting in the highway and blocking it off so we had to take a detour to get to our house. EVERYONE else and their dog went this other way too. But, that was a nice chance to take a quick nap. Then we saw some military trucks. The police here aren't like the police in my other area. Here they just have a turret in the back of the truck. Then another truck had a guy with the biggest sniper rifle I have ever seen. We see police helicopters all the time. Crazy stuff goes down out here. But we are protected. So that is good. 

Well, I hope you all are feeling the Christmas spirit because it IS the Spirit of Christ. I hope all is well and that everyone is staying safe. Have a great week!!
Elder Morris

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