Monday, December 1, 2014

New area, new ride and new responsibilities. I'm lovin it!

December 1, 2014
Hello my family and friends.

I have a bike!!! And it is great. My butt doesn't agree with me and my legs don't either when I am climbing one of the MANY hills in my area, but it is great!! I love it! 

So, starting over, I got transferred to an area called Cadereyta. It is the second farthest area away from the Mission Home. It is pretty rural with a lot of industry around us, we have to use bikes, and we get to wash clothes by hand. I love it. My new apartment is the nicest I’ve had so far. I actually have hot water! We have to take a charter bus to get to the mission offices and that takes like an hour and a half. This area is great! I am so happy to be here. My new companion is pretty good too. He is from San Diego. We are killing it in the area! For example, we just had a baptism!!!! I know, one week here and I already had a baptism. Let's just say that I am just that good and it had nothing to do with the other missionaries teaching him for a couple months. Ha-ha 

What else is new? Oh, we have to do exchanges twice a week with all the elders in our zone and with the assistants. It is going to be pretty dang crazy! There is one area that is another hour farther from our area. We go out there and do splits with them. I go with one companion while my companion goes with the other. It will be great fun! We go out on splits every Tuesday and Thursday and make the trip to the Mission home once a month. We have a member who owns a taxi who delivers packages and mail to us then we deliver it to the other missionaries when we see them.

Okay, so the church is doing a special campaign for Christmas. He is the Gift. El es la Dádiva. I didn't even know what Dádiva meant. But it means gift. This video is awesome!!! I absolutely LOVE the video. They even bought time in Time Square to show it!!!!! I just can't get over that video. (I just barely watched it again) So, I encourage all of you to watch it. Really think about what CHRISTmas is all about. Toys and presents are good, peace and good will are great, and Christ is the best. This Christmas, discover the Gift, accept the Gift, and Share the Gift. By so doing, you will be sharing the first and ultimate gift of Christmas.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 

I love you all, have a great week!! SHARE THE GIFT!!!

Elder Morris

My new companion Elder Connelly

My new ride!! Love it.

The study area.

The Kitchen area. I know mom, I could have cleaned up first!


The river that runs through our area. 

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