Monday, December 15, 2014

Short, but sweet.

Hello FAM!
We are super busy so I don’t have much time to write. First things first. I will not write next Monday. It will be on Tuesday the 23. That is when our party for Christmas is. It is only half the mission but it will still be fun!

This week was a little tough. We worked super hard to plan well, find new people, and to set more dates for baptism. We went around like crazy trying to find new people; contacts, futuros, antiguos, todo; and we were able to find some new people. We had a couple days that were tough but on Saturday we found some really chosen people and we scheduled lessons. We were sure that at least some of them would be coming to the chapel, but no one came. So we just got busy working. We contacted like crazy yesterday. It was great!! We contacted 35 people and families and have 22 addresses so we will see what happens. Mom I found a Nativity scene for you.  I am going to bring the Nativity home with me.

Have a great week!! 
Elder Morris

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