Friday, December 26, 2014

Feliz Navidad from Mexico!

Hey Family,
Well, this week was nuts. The weather is great. It is really nice but I hope this is the last Christmas I ever have without snow. It just is not Christmas without snow. Anyways, let’s get this started.
On Sunday I had to give a talk, I was "volunteered" to talk on the 21 of December. Basically the Christmas sacrament meeting. I was thinking about one subject then when I went to write my talk I felt it wasn't the subject that I should talk on. Then after writing another talk, behind the pulpit I felt like that wasn't the right message either. I just decided to wing it and go with the spirit. It was a pretty bomb talk if I do say so myself. I had some people crying and I had a lot of people quote me in the later classes

When we went to visit a less active members that attended church on Sunday, the mom told me that she cried during my talk and that it really touched her. I was just like "Hey people, we all know that that is not from me, nor could it have come from me. Don't give me that much credit." It was really cool though. Just sit there and let the Spirit guide what you say. It is good to be prepared and ready when called upon, but it is infinitely better to be able to follow what the Spirit directs. I think that when we do that, we learn just as much from the Spirit because it teaches us through our own thoughts and words. It feels like it should be called teach-ception or something like that. You teaching while being taught. It is a great feeling. 

Well, this week is Christmas!!!! ¡¡¡Feliz Navidad!!!! I know that CHRISTmas is an awesome time to think about the family, friends, and most important, Christ. All this Xmas crap just makes me want to puke. I hope that we are all giving this season the respect that it deserves. Don't take the CHRIST out of CHRISTmas. We put too much into material things above our Savior in these times of Christmas. DON'T DO THAT. That is why I love #HeistheGift so much. HE IS CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, now that I got that out. How great is the time when we feel the Spirit of Christ so fully in our lives? It is something really special and I think that we take it for granted too much. It is only one time per year that this season rolls around!! I hope that I will never stop feeling this type of spirit and happiness. I hope you are all safe and are enjoying this care free time. Spend time with the family. Share your spiritual experiences. Be the person that you know that the Father wants you to be. In these things, we find the true happiness. In doing this, you find the true spirit of Christmas. Love you all, be safe!! Be happy!! Be Mormon!!! Be sarcastic!! Also, be positive, that helps. :)

Elder Morris
Some of by buds at the Christmas party

More Christmas party

My best bud Nick. Friends forever!

My new companion Elder Milara

My Zone

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