Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Good Man Ramiro

Hey Family!
 Another one week down, and ANOTHER BAPTISM!!!! WHOOO!!!!  Surprise!!! A baptism that we didn't even know we were going to have!!! Yeah!! Well, we knew we were going to have it, but it came a little bit early. Ramiro got baptized on Sunday! We were going to baptize him this Saturday but he wanted to bump it up. So, yeah. I felt like a chicken running around with its head cut off because we only had 4 days to plan this baptism and it was the day of stake conference so we baptized him at the stake center. It was pretty great. It only took 5 times to baptize him. Yeah, 5 TIMES!!!  He did not want to go under. He kept having his arm out of the water or something like that. I felt like at one point, now use your imagination here, in the position of CPR with all my weight trying to push him down. Ha-ha it was pretty funny. So eventually I was just like "okay, what you’re going to do is kneel down and then bend backwards." Ha-ha, and the Mission President was there too... ha-ha super funny. It all went really good. I was worried he was going to be embarrassed that it took so long to do it but he was just wrapped up in how great he felt and he kept telling us that. So I wasn't too worried.

  Also this week we had a really good lesson with one of the less active sisters in the ward. Two of her grandkids live with her. One is 5 years old and the other 9. In one lesson the grandma told us about how hard it was trying to raise these to kids on her own basically and how they were always fighting and how they were always getting into trouble. When we got there we sat everyone down and sang a hymn and said the prayer. Then I handed my scriptures to the 5 year old and said "Open them up." "Where do you want me to open up to?" he responded. "Anywhere you want, let's see what the Lord wants us to read." So he did. He opened up to 3 Nephi 11. I had had some scriptures marked on this page and I decided on one that we were going to share. Then, while we were waiting for everyone to get to the page, I felt like it wasn't the right scripture. So I looked at another scripture on that page. Then I read verse 29. It was exactly what the kids needed and what the Lord wanted them to hear. It was a testimony builder for me to trust in the Lord to know what we need. It was great!!! 

Anyway, this week we have another baptism!!! So that is good!! Have a great week!!! Listen to the Spirit because it is always guiding us!!!

Elder Morris

This is a good friend Ramiro. I'm so proud of him

Yes you heard right, 5 times! Note the depth of the water.

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