Monday, September 22, 2014

Being a conduit for the Lord.

Hey family!
Okay, so this week was a little in the category of mas o menos (not much). Our investigator that was going to be baptized and confirmed this week got sick on Thursday and didn't get better so we had to reschedule the baptism for next week. That was kind of a bummer. But it is okay, it is just one more week. And it gives me another week to prepare. He said he wanted me to baptize him, but he weighs a good 260 lbs. Yeah, a big dude. It isn't that he is fat, he’s just he is big. He was in the military and is strong, but has let himself go a little. He looks like he would be a good linebacker if he got back into shape. I don't know how I am going to be able to lift him out of the water. It is nuts. But what happens, happens!
This week something really cool happened. On Thursday, we had some plans fall through so we were just walking around talking to people. We passed the house of Martha because we still had another hour before we had an appointment with her. Then we stopped on the corner. I had planned on visiting a contact that we had had that lived on the adjoining street. But for a reason unknown at the moment we just stopped and stood at the corner for a minute or two. Then we were going to leave when Martha's husband came out of the house and motioned for us to come over. He told us that Martha wanted to talk to us real quick. When we went in, she was real bad. She was sweating and crying a little. She had a heartbeat of 120 beats per minute. She had a little monitor thing that said that and I was like, "No way" so then I took her wrist and did it myself, yeah, it was that high. It was a little scary. She told us that she was going to go to the hospital but just wanted a prayer first. We had just taught her about the priesthood so I reminded her of what a blessing of health was. Then we gave her a blessing. My companion did the anointing and I did the sealing of the anointment. As soon as I placed my hands on her head, I was filled with the Spirit. I felt like a bottle that you put on a hose and there is rapid fill and then the pressure for a minute and then it bursts. I felt this pressure and I couldn't speak for a minute. Then as I gave her the blessing, I felt such calm and it felt like all of this that I was feeling just flowed into her. I knew with a surety that she was going to be okay. I don't know exactly how to describe how I felt or what was going on inside. But I am sure that that is how a power conduit feels as electricity surges and then it passes that energy on. I have never felt more like the conduit of the Lord in all my life.  There was such tranquility after the emotions of pain and fear. And then, within 20 minutes, we were having the lesson that we had planned on as if nothing had happened. I kind of walked out of the house with a "What the crap just happened. Is any of this even real?" kind of feeling. As a missionary it is always your goal to be and "instrument in the Lord's hands". That is your whole purpose, that is what you should strive for every day, that is what you should live for. From the moment I walked out of the house, being and "instrument" took on new meaning for me. It is one thing to have the saying on your wall, it is another to be living it. It was an experience that I will never be able to forget. Not in this life nor the one to come. It was just really special, and words don't really do it justice. 
Well, life is good, things are going good. If we focus on what our Father would want of us and we forget the rest, nothing really matters. When we spend less time focusing on our lives and how we can arrange them, the more things just fall into place. That is when we find true happiness as well. The more good you SEE in life, the more good there will BE in life. And then you just become a happy person and go to heaven! :) Ha-ha Have a great week and keep looking up!

-Elder Morris

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