Tuesday, September 16, 2014

 Well, tomorrow, but it is going to be nuts!!! SO many drunk people, SO many parties, and (Hopefully) SO much food!! It is going to be great!!! Today for our zone activity we are going to have a noche Mexicana!! (Mexican night) You pretty much just do all things Mexican!!!! Food, games, friends, the whole sha-bang!!! All within the comfortable standards of the church!!! :) Ha-ha But I will take some pictures so that you can all participate. It will be awesome!!!! 

This week was good! We are still having trouble finding investigators but the ones we do have are great! Martha is a warrior!!!! So the doctor tells her do be completely rested ALL the time because only HALF of her heart works!!!! Are you following, don't get that mixed up. Rest always, half heart. Okay, so, we have told her time and time again to call us and tell us if she needs something and if she feels able to go to church that we would get a taxi for her. So we are walking to church yesterday and we see a woman way out in front of us about to enter into the church. This is pretty much how the conversation went between me and my companion. "Is that Martha?" "No, it can't be." "Yeah, you're right. She lives like 15 minutes away walking. She would be crazy to walk all this way." Then this lady turns into the church. "Holy crap!!! It IS Martha!!" She is awesome!!! A little crazy for pushing it, but completely awesome. She is a huge example to me of her faith and of her dedication to the Lord. From her, we are now talking with her daughter and grand-daughter-in-law. She is a perfect example of how when we have faith, the Lord will give her the strength of many hearts. I know that her half heart is stronger and has more faith than most whole ones.

Also this week, we are going to have a baptism!!! Ramiro passed is interview yesterday and is all set to be baptized on Saturday!! He asked me to do it! I don't know how cause he is a pretty big dude!!! But I will manage. So that is pretty great!!! Oh and Martha is set for baptism on the 27th of Sept. GOOD STUFF!!!
This week we had a visit by one of the Area Presidency! It went really well. So the teaching requirements have changed a little. We now have to teach the Laws and Ordinances part, lesson 5 of PMG, to all of our investigators before baptism. Elder Pieper pretty much told us it was because the people we are baptizing are some of the future leaders of the church and they need to know it better because the leaders now don't know it well enough. There is too much truth in that, as evidenced in my ward right now. But that just means that we have that much more responsibility and it fills up a little bit more of the teaching schedule. 

All in all, things are going. Sometimes not as quickly as I would like, but they are going. Everything happens in the Lord's time and we just have to adjust our timetable to His. Thanks for the love and the prayers!!
-Elder Morris.

Ice bucket Challenge completed!!!  Felt good.

Getting ready for Mexico's Independence day! 

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