Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Holy Hot Batman!!

Happy 4th of July!! Yeah, I know that I am like 3 days late and all but it is the thought that counts!! On the fourth, me and my companion sang the national anthem, all three verses. Who knew that the other verses were actually really sweet!? Well, now ya know!

Well, with July brings the Canícula. So that basically just means living in an oven of at least 104 degrees for the duration of a month and a half. You could say that I'm excited for the fabled "tie tan line", or you could say I'm not, but either way we are going to find out if you really do get a tan line on your chest because the sun and the heat are so intense it goes right through your clothes. 

This week was pretty great! We are teaching more and finding more people. I have seen the hand of the Lord in this work. 
This week we found a family that, in the mission business, you would call escogidísima! Or if you're white and don't speak Spanish, freaking chosen!! You wouldn't believe me even if I told you, but I'll tell you anyway. They lived in Utah 2 for years. They have gone to Temple Square and the visitor center and even to church pretty consistently. They were about to be baptized but they came back to Mexico. The family consists of the grandma and grandpa, their son and his wife, and then 2 grandkids, all at the age of baptism!!!! We have had some stellar lessons with them and they have accepted baptism! When we talked about baptism and invited them to be baptized the son said "it isn't a question of IF we will get baptized, just a question of WHEN we will get baptized" Ding ding ding, we have a winner!!! Call the news, call the papers, we've struck gold!!! Yeah, well as you can tell, I am excited for this family to remember the things they had once learned and to feel the spirit working in their family and in their lives again. 

We also had Elias come to church again!! So that means that more than likely, with fingers crossed, we will have a baptism this Sunday!!!! Yeah!!! He is super excited and really dedicated to learning about and following our Savior. Heck, he has even started teaching his friends and family with the pamphlets that we have left!!! Haha it is really pretty great!!! 
Well, that is it for this week! Have a great, sunny, and pleasantly warm week!! Keep on keeping on!! And by that I mean keep on keeping the commandments!!! Ha-ha Hasta luego!!!

-Élder Morris

We helped install an air conditioner. That's COOL!!

This is our best bud Elias. Great individual!

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