Monday, July 14, 2014

Gringo Bandito!

Well, this week was a miracle. We had cloud cover and semi cool days!!!! Miracles happen in the mission!!! Ha-ha it really was a nice little break from the killer heat! 

Unfortunately, we didn't have a baptism yesterday. We passed by to teach a lesson with Elias on Friday and he had a friend over. And this friend had some friends, named cauguamas. Cauguamas are just the huge, liter and a half bottles of beer. So he sunk to peer pressure. We had an awesome lesson with him yesterday and we are not going to leave him alone this whole week. We are texting him and visiting every day. He is going to feel our love for him if he likes it or not!! Ha-ha I have faith in him that he does want to turn his life around. He has told us how good he feels when he is with us and that when he drank he felt worse than ever. We were able to testify to him that he felt that way because his soul had tasted of the Spirit. And that when the Spirit left, that is when he felt the worst. 

We also shared the first vision with him. Something that the Spirit told us to do and to testify that Satan will always try and stop the good things from happening. It never ceases to amaze me at the special spirit that I feel when I get to share the First Vision and then get to bear testimony of it. They're times that are really special. 

I know that there isn't a lot this week, but there will be more next week! Have a great one! 

-√Člder Morris 

Hey Gringo!

GQ Bandito

I didn't forget!

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