Monday, June 9, 2014

So this week was pretty much great. Apart from the sun and the humidity and the walking and the rejection and all that jazz that is inherently part of the life of a missionary! But you don't even notice it when you have at least one person intent on following the example of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
This week we found one of those people named Elias. He told us that he has been feeling like something has been holding him back. The way he described it was that he felt like someone was holding his arms behind him while he tried to go forward. So he has struggled in his work (he is a carpenter). He has felt de-motivated, (I don't even know if that is a word. I don't think so) and a little depressed. He said he has been praying to find a solution, to find something to help him get rid of these feelings. Well, there we were, sitting in his living room, the answer to his prayers. It was really one of the coolest things to see him change in the space of a half hour or so. He really was all bummed out at the beginning and by the end he was like getting up and pacing and was just full of energy. The way that the spirit was working through us and the way it was working in him was something that I'll never forget. What more is that he came to church yesterday!! NO ONE comes to church after just 2 visits!!! And to think that we knocked on his door looking for someone else. What a coincidence..... PSYCH!!!! There is no such thing as coincidences in this life especially not in the mission field! Right now I am just feeling really grateful for the chance I have to help him find the peace that he has been looking for. 
Well, in other news, I am getting a new companion tomorrow. That is going to be interesting, but it can't be worse than the other transfers. I probably won't be training, I will already know the ward, and I will get to keep my investigators!! Things are looking good! Ha-ha 
Remember that there are no coincidences. You are who you are, you are where you are, and you're doing what you're doing because that is the Lord's plan. Never forget that he knows what is up better than you ever will and to listen to the Spirit to follow HIS plan, not yours. Well, that is about all I got for this week. I hope you all have a great one!! 

-√Člder Morris

My chocolate bouquet from home!! mmmmm

I may or may not have dropped my appointment book in some water.

A lady that we met on the street thought we needed more ties. 

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