Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Remember where our Blessings come from.

Holy cow, it is already June! Where did the time go!? I would have never guessed that it was June, apart from it being like 95+ every day! It really is the most intense heat from the sun I have ever felt. I have been in hotter temps but the sun is scorching!!! Me and my companion are going to put a pan out to try and cook an egg.... I hope it works.

Well, nothing much happened this week. It was pretty slow. We found some new investigators but we also had to drop some really good ones. It is always tough to have to drop people that you are sure that they know this is the truth. But that is what agency is. Getting over that fact and just looking at all the good stuff we have in our lives helps get past all the crappy parts. (Excuse my language) ha-ha
But we still have some investigators who are progressing well, just getting them to come to church is tough. We are continuing to work with them to help them realize the importance of partaking of the sacrament and of all the blessings that are found in the church. Once they realize that, they aren't going to want to miss a Sunday!

Something that my grandma sent to me really made an impact on me this week. That we should not only remember our blessings but also from where they come from and why. They come from our Heavenly Father. He loves us enough to reward us for even the smallest things, the smallest victories. Why? Because we have obeyed his rules. We are here because of Him and we live because of Him so really it is simple. We should live FOR Him as well. And sometimes we get blessings for nothing. Or we receive blessings we don't deserve. Why?  Well, simply because He loves us. He loves us and sometimes He doesn´t need a reason to bless us. People will do a lot of stupid things for the ones they love. (I think that is from Hercules or something.... Pretty deep stuff. J
So for me, when life gets rough, I want to be able to look at the infinite blessing that I have received, both the ones I deserve and the ones that I don't, and where they came from. I never want to forget and I never want you all to forget that He is there. He listens, He cares, and He isn't silent in these days nor will He ever be silent. Look to His words, His prophets, and look at His blessings He has given you. I know that He will help you realize the good things just like He has helped me.
Have a fantastic week!!
-√Člder Morris

Elder V after he had his wisdom teeth pulled. We made him wait before we hit the streets! Ha-Ha

Elder Nay enjoying luch, no really.

I know what your thinking......BIMBO! Really   GOOOOOOOOAL!!!!!!!!

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