Monday, May 26, 2014

Hotter than Heck!!!

What has happened this week? Well, we had a zone conference. That was pretty sweet! We had a lot of heat. Not so sweet, but hey, it’s Mexico so it is just going to get worse! We are talking like nothing below 95-90 degrees anymore. Then one whole month and a half of it not dropping below 105. Yeah, we are going to cook eggs outside. 

This week was really good! We have found some really good investigators. The problem is that they just can't make it to the church for one reason or another. One of them has the excuse that his wife is already 9 months pregnant and is just waiting to go to the hospital. What kind of sorry excuse is that!?! Ha-ha, no we understand that one but we are just on the verge of people changing their lives here!!! They NEED to go! We are definitely going to be working on that one this week.

So this week I was on an exchange with one of the Elders in my district. We had stopped in a bakery to buy a little snack because, well, we are 19 year old kids. We get hungry. Anyway, we are waiting in line to buy the bread when the lady in front of us looks at us a minute and says, "Don't worry, I got you" and she pays for our bread. Wow that stuff never happens in Mexico! We think, "Obviously we need to talk with her to find out if she is a member or something." So as we are walking outside she pulls out a bag of apples and gives us three. I am not going to lie, it completely took me by surprise. So we started talking to her and getting to know her. No, she is not a member, but her mom was a member before she died and her brother-in-law is a member and has the missionaries over frequently. That's how she knew who we were. With a little more digging and prodding we found out that she usually does not get off the bus at this area because she still has a ways to go before her stop, but for some reason (prompting) she got off at this stop. She expressed that she liked to walk because she didn't feel so alone when she was walking. Who knows why she decided to go into the bakery (the Spirit does) but that’s where she ran into us. I then had the opportunity to bear testimony that it was not a coincidence that she got off where she did and that she was in the bakery at the same time we were. It was a great experience! She didn't give us her address because she is not usually home, but she said that she would talk with her brother-in-law and find out more.

I also had the opportunity to strengthen my testimony of the power of the Spirit to change the hearts of people. We met Norma a week and a half ago when we went to visit some less active members. We gave her a lesson and at the end we extended the invitation to baptism. She resisted because she was Catholic and that she had her religion and that we should respect that. We said something along the lines of "we do, we just want you to ask God if this is true, nothing else." She accepted to ask. 

We went back this week and found that she had completely changed. She wanted to talk more with us. She even expressed the desire to attend church with us to see how things go in our religion. She went from being closed off to having the Spirit soften her heart and accept change. She even is changing the only time that she can see her dad to accompany us to church! She is really making progress. 

I know that the Spirit has the power to soften hearts when we let Him. I know that this gospel and this message bring more peace and happiness than any other thing in this entire world. And this peace and happiness is not just for an instant, like the things of the world, but for eternity. We have what the world needs. We should not judge or think that anyone is beyond the saving power of Christ or the influence of the Spirit. Something that our mission President told us is that if we don't have faith in "them" then how can you expect them to have enough faith to change? "Them" for us means our investigators. "Them" for everyone else means everyone else!! Every single human being on this spherical rock we call earth has the Light of Christ. Their hearts CAN be changed. They CAN receive an answer. We aren't teaching anything new, we are just helping them learn about things they have forgotten. By the power of the Spirit, everyone has the ability to be reminded of these spiritual things. I know that with all of my heart, every fiber of my being, nothing and no one can ever take that from me. I have been reminded of where I came from and who I was. I want to help others remember as well and remind them of the greatness that was before? 

I hope you all pray for guidance and for chances to have missionary experiences. Pray for opportunities and then open your mouth. Too many times we ask for faith to know what to say. It is better to put that faith into action and open your mouth and see what the Spirit puts into it!!!!! I hope you all have a great week. Happy Memorial Day or whatever day you Americans are celebrating up there!!!

-Élder Morris 

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