Monday, May 5, 2014

Constant Changes

Well, how many weeks has it been? Who knows and who wants to know!? I feel like it’s a time warp in the mission field. I taught the gospel principles class on Sunday. For me it felt like 2 weeks ago, so when I asked my companion who did the lesson he just looked at me and was like "are you serious"? Ha-ha, but it is all good! I am just enjoying living in the moment right now!

Well this week brought some changes. We now have 4 elders in Infonavit. I feel really bad for the other elders because their house is probably the worst in the mission. The elders before me and my companion NEVER cleaned and with us not living there it had a month and a half of disuse. So needless to say we are on the search for a new one! 

With new elders, we needed to divide the area. I must say that the division didn't go our way. We have 2 investigators remaining in our area. The rest were graciously (or grudgingly, you chose. ha-ha) handed over to the new missionaries to care for. But hey, it is okay, we started new before, why not again!? The Crazy thing is one of the new Elders is the son of one of my dad’s friends from his single days. He and my dad just connected on Facebook this week. Elder Nay is a great guy and a great missionary that loves to work hard.

This week, like you already know, was fast and testimony meeting. Unfortunately I didn't get to bear my testimony because there were no open spaces. But the fasting part was awesome! We had been struggling to find new investigators this week because of the division. So of course, I was fasting for new investigators. Well yesterday after we broke our fast, we went to work! We are working in the part of the area that we had scarcely visited so we were just passing by addresses of people we had contacted. We passed by one house and found a man named Roberto. He invited us in and we had an awesome lesson with him. He accepted to be baptized when he receives and answer.(Which he will) Then a little bit later on we were trying to contact people on another street and we saw a guy washing his car, so naturally we went over to help him out. Well, he denied us. But he told us, "how about you go over and help my neighbor with his car." So we were like, hey that's okay with us! So we went over and offered to help Julio wash his car. He said no, but then invited us to eat dinner with him! We had to decline because we can't eat dinner with members or anyone. He said, "So if you won't let me feed you, I am not going to let you wash my car, Simple as that," so we laughed and said "Well how about we share a message about Jesus Christ?" That he was all up for. It was awesome. He just left his car half washed and invited us into his house in total confidence and we had an awesome lesson with him and his wife who is about 8 and a half months pregnant. Can I get a Plan of Salvation lesson and an AMEN?! It was really an awesome lesson and he offered us hospitality like none other. This new/old area is starting to look really good! When we got home that night we just looked at each other and my companion said, "What did you fast for?" Ha-ha, he had fasted for the same thing as me and it definitely worked!!  I have never had such rapid results to fasting or had the answer be so direct. This definitely strengthened my testimony of the importance of the fast. I know that we are never alone. That we always have help. Nothing is ever out of our reach because nothing is ever out of the reach of God. If it is part of his plan, it will happen. We just have to put our trust in him and go to work! I know that when we align our will with His, we will see His hand and His miracles in our lives.

Well, that’s all I have! This church is true! I know it with every fiber of my being!! Never feel like you can't get on your knees and have a personal conversation with our Heavenly Father because that is how you will receive personal revelation and direction.  I hope you guys have a great week!!

-Élder Morris

This is how we celebrated my Companion Elder Luna's Birthday!!!  I really do love the food here!

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