Monday, May 12, 2014

Great Mother's Day call home!

So, how is life going? Me? Well, if you’re asking. Which you’re not, but I am going to tell ya any ways. This week has been really good. We have been able to find some new investigators and we have been able to increase the amount of people we are visiting. 

This p-day we were able to hike the Cerro de la Silla (Chair Hill) again! It was way awesome! The sister missionaries almost didn't make it but they persevered! Something different than last time was that this time you could actually see a lot of Monterrey. The other time was super foggy and you couldn't really see anything. This time was a lot better.

One of the people that we found this week is named Ricardo. We had contacted his mom a few weeks ago. Her name is Cantalari or something like that. So, when I was looking through the list of contacts that we had her name just stuck out. I threw it into our plans as a backup plan. Our appointment fell and we just passed by the house to see if she was there. She wasn't. But her son was. We just contacted him very briefly and explained who we were and what we do. I had a thought come to me to ask him if he had some time that we could share a little bit more about us and that I knew it could bless his life. I thought for sure he was going to say something like "well, I just got out of the shower so maybe another time." Just getting out of the shower? I know that sounds like a weird excuse to use but I will explain. All he had was a towel around his waist. But he just said, "of course, just give me a minute." So he invited us in and we sat and were expecting to wait for him to get dressed. Nope, he just put a shirt on and then came and had a lesson with us, with only a towel for pants. It was pretty dang awesome! At the end we set a date for baptism and are we going back to visit him this week. 

Yesterday all the elders in our ward gave talks. It was funny because the American elders gave talks on following Christ's example and defending the faith. The Mexican Elders gave talks on repentance and on keeping the Sabbath day Holy. It was definitely a Mercy and Justice meeting. 
Another thing that was really funny that happened this week was that we were making a contact and Elder Luna was talking, all of the sudden he just turns to me to continue on. I thought that was a little weird.  After when we were walking away he turns and says to me "Elder Morris, something happened." I was like, "yeah, we just made a contact." "No, something else." He turns and points to his shoulder. A pigeon had pooped on his shoulder!!! I couldn't stop laughing. It was so funny! We tore up a piece of paper and cleaned it up the best we could. Ha-ha oh man was it funny! 

Well I just want to give a shout out to all the mother's out there! I know that there are some great moms who have made a great impact on my life, but nothing and no one compares to my mom. She has stuck with me through a lot of stuff and I am eternally grateful for the fact that she even still loves me! I wouldn't trade the world for the moments that I have had with her, good and bad. (More good than bad, trust me!) Happy Mother's Day to the best mom out there! And all the other mothers as well. You really don't know how much of an impact you have on your children and how they will be forever grateful for the things you taught and demonstrated through acts of love. 

 Remember that it takes courage to DIE for something you believe in, but even more to LIVE for it! My hope is that we can all take the necessary steps in our lives to live for what we believe. I hope you all have a great week!!! Don't only keep the faith, defend it!

-Elder Morris
What an experience to have Mitch larger than life in our family room!
 View from the Hill Top

 Me and Elder Luna
 Our District
 Cool little cave. Oh and the spiders the size of our hands!

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