Monday, April 28, 2014

Time FLIES when your having FUN!

So, another transfer down. Where the heck did the past 6 weeks go? Life is nuts! I’m sorry I haven’t sent any photos. I left my charger in my last apartment and I haven’t got it back yet.  We are getting 2 other missionaries in our ward. So our already pretty small area is about to get really small! And it is either going to bite for us or for the new missionaries because 3/4 of our investigators are in one half of the area! But hey, if we have to start over with the number of investigators when we got here, we will have the same as what we had to begin with! The assistants called us and asked us if our area would be suitable for Hermana’s (Sisters), ha ha good one. I have had more "experiences" with borrachos (drunks) in the first 3 weeks than I had had in all of my 6 months in my other area. So yeah, we are going to get some more Elders. Well this week I had intercambios (exchanges) with my district leader and with the zone leaders. My companion and the district leader we were going to have a young man from the ward with them that night, but we decided to keep him with us. We were going to visit a sister that we contacted but then Elder Ramirez decided to visit a contact that they had had. We got there and they let us right in and the whole family was there except for the dad, which is really rare. Then we found out that they knew the family of the young man that was with us. The further into the lesson we found out that they had actually received lessons from missionaries years before and had actually attended church for like 3 years consistently. Nothing happens by coincidence. The contact, the teenager that was with us, the family together, and the missionaries before, everything was set up by the hand of the Lord. The work is like a fine tuned orchestra of instruments. We can be the most expensive instruments, the biggest, or just look the best, But nothing will ever happen until the Master picks you up to play. We need to prepare ourselves for the time when we will be called upon to play. 

Another cool thing that happened this week was that we taught a lesson with a police officer (see 4-5 emails ago) that had actually contacted us. We had other plans but we were passing his house and I just thought, "Hey, we are here and we don't have any fixed appointment so let’s stop by." Well long story short, he has had some seriously crazy stories about getting shot and all that kind of stuff and he has a different point of view on life now. He has been looking to put God back into his life. We gave him the Restoration lesson and have an appointment for another lesson! There were a lot of beer cans in his house so I thought that we were going to have to have a talk. When we were asking him what he was looking for in our lessons and talks he told us that he wanted to quit and that he has been trying for a while to find a way to not drink. He just has friends that drink so he does it to socialize. Well, let me tell you, we have the best way to quit! It is called the Spirit and it never fails when you do your part! 

All in all I am really excited for this next transfer! We might even change houses to one with a washer and a dryer! I am not going to get my hopes up but I am going to keep my fingers crossed!! No matter what happens in your life, our Father in heaven always has the road map. Sometimes we would like to go straight to the destination, but a lot of the times He wants us to take the scenic route, which can be a lot harder and a lot longer but a whole heck of a lot more rewarding too. Remember that he always has our best interests at heart. I love this gospel and I love serving as a representative of Christ. I love this people and I love the opportunity I have to serve them. I don't think that I realize it enough, but the time that I have is extremely short. I need to make the most of it!!! I hope you have a fantastic week!! 

-Élder Morris

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