Monday, April 21, 2014

Semana Santa (Holy Week)

Well this week was the Catholics "Semana Santa" or holy week. This is also Spring Break, so a lot of people leave town and go on vacation or visit with family. We had some pretty sweet conversations with some people this week about Christ. When Elder Cook came to our mission the first thing he did was to meet with the head  of the Catholic Church in Monterrey to talk and offer assistance. Our Mission President thought it would be good to follow his footsteps and reach out to the other churches in each of our areas. So we have been going into all of the churches in our area when we pass them to look for their Priest, Father or Pastor. It was hard to find anyone at the churches to talk to. At one church we were able to talk with a Pastor. We talked to him and offered to help out with anything that we could because we were both just trying to serve God. The first help he asked for was to donate money. We told him as missionaries we are not paid and do not have any money.  The second was that he wanted us to respect that people were catholic and let them be.  Then he asked what the basic principles of what we believe were. We just gave him the 3 pamphlets that we always use. The Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then we explained what we believe. It was a very interesting experience, in the end we are all children of God. I am very grateful for my Savior and his sacrifice for all of us. I know that he lives and loves each one of us, that he knows us as individuals, by name and that if we ask him for help he will be there for us. He died that we may live.

Well, in other news, we baptized a woman named Maria on Saturday! She said that she had turned down an all-expense-paid trip with friends to come and fulfill her promise with God. She is a great example of someone who is dedicated to serve God and put Him first. That was a testimony builder for me. Well, that’s about all I got this week! Thanks for all your love and support!! Have a fantastic week!!
-√Člder Morris

Ok I’m still laughing: Funny story, we were at our food appointment yesterday and the little daughter told us there were spiders but she killed them. Obviously I told my comp about those nefarious barking spiders (they live in Mexico too). He just started saying  how we have spiders in our house all the time and that we kill them. It was so funny, I was completely crying!!!! I couldn't handle it because he was just so serious about it!!! Ok, I'm not all grown up yet.:)

I was able to attend the Baptism of the Castor Family from my last area. Love these people!

Maria is the newest addition to our Ward. 

One Pair down!

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