Saturday, February 8, 2014

Shout out to my PL2 Hommies!

Rockin the Tie, Braxton and I!!
Well, my time in Pedregal hasn't come to an end yet, but for my companion it has. Tomorrow I will find out who my new companion. The ZL's are in my district so we have become way close and they and my district leader all told me they recommended me to train someone. So there is a chance that I might train, which I really don't want. I still have so much to learn it isn't even funny. But yeah, exciting stuff for tomorrow. Also Elder Farmer gets here tomorrow! I am super excited to see a familiar face! 

Every Tuesday after our district meeting we do an open house type thing where 2 companionships leave and go and contact around the church and the third companionship stays in the church to do a tour if the other elders find anyone interested. Well we did a little open house on Thursday in the afternoon. It was just us and the ZL's so we had to take turns going back and forth because we only had one set of keys. Me and my companion were contacting in the streets below the church when we walked past a mom, her teenage daughter, and a little girl. I felt like I should talk to them, but with just 2 elders we couldn't do a tour with only women, so I shrugged it off. Then we were walking back the other way because there wasn't anyone on the other side and I saw the same trio. A thought popped into my head that was something like "are you seriously going to pass them up again?" So despite the fact that we couldn't have a lesson with them, I contacted them anyway and invited them to take a tour. They were really excited, which surprised me. As 
we were walking to the church, I was just hoping that the other elders were there so that we could have a lesson. When we got to the church, they were just finishing a lesson, which meant they could accompany us for a lesson. Long story short they were really excited and accepted baptismal dates. The only downer is that they aren't in my area, but that doesn't matter as long as they get a chance to hear this message! So, you’re probably asking "what did you learn from this experience Elder Morris?" Well, number one is that I am dumb sometimes, or a lot, you choose. Two, When God has prepared someone and wants something done, nothing will stop, not even an ignorant missionary. And three, I am grateful that the Lord gives us second chances, and third chances, and however many we need to correct what is wrong, because ultimately, His will, will be done.

Another cool little story is that we contacted a man in the street a while back. A contact is a contact right? Well not when the contact recognizes you as someone that can help and confides in you to help with a problem. We may have been looking for someone to contact, but he was looking for something much more than two young men in ties. He was looking to change his life. We had a lesson with this man and he has all the necessary desires to become a disciple of Christ. So my question for you all is what are you looking for? Are you looking for trivial things that might just fulfill the needs for that day, or are you looking for things that will change your life? Things that might change your eternity and the eternities of those around you? And when you are looking for these things, are you willing to change everything, maybe give up things like this man, just to know the Savior better. I know that no one is perfect, and looking for the things of eternity is a lifelong pursuit, with many pitfalls and traps set up along the way, but I also know that we are never walking this path alone. At times we may be running the path, others we may be crawling, and others still we may have fallen off the path, but we will always have a hand outstretched to help us out. Look for that hand.
Love ya all and have a wonderful week!! ¡¡ La Iglesia es verdadera!!

-√Člder Morris

Snow down under! Oh by the way, the apartment has no heat.
 My last Campechanas with Elder Hernandez. 

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