Monday, February 10, 2014

Transfer was very,very good to me!

Boom, I don't have to be a trainer! Nope, my companion has 11 months in the mission. His name is Élder Toledo. He is from Cancun and he is pretty much the coolest. He is the new district leader and so in his responsibilities he is super straightforward, and in lessons too. But when it is just me and him in the streets or in our house he is super chill. And we are already working super hard. We put 4 new baptismal dates this week. The family C. are super excited and they are really awesome! 

So with a new companion there are obviously things that change.  Elder H. was awesome and I loved my time with him. He had only been in the mission field 3 months before he was my senior companion. Having a companion with more experience is so great! So like I said, we are working really hard. We have two people really close to baptism, one family who we just started teaching and another couple who are expecting a baby soon and are really interested about the importance of family. Things are looking pretty good. It is just too bad that transfers are only 6 weeks and people have to attend church 5 times to be baptized. I am really excited for the future in this area.

So the family C. had run-ins with missionaries before but never actually took lessons. I think that they lived near them and just saw the way they lived and the way they acted and it left an impression on them. I really think that those missionaries planted seeds that they didn't even know. And now they are ready to accept the gospel!

Gabe made it out to the mission field on Tuesday. He is in my Zone!! His trainer is the other Elder Morris. Thanks for sending the stuff!!! That sweater is way warm and way sweet!! Big thanks go out to Gabe for bringing me stuff from home. Awesome!

Well things are really different, but things are GREAT TOO! I am expecting good stuff to happen in this transfer!! I love you all! Have a fantastic week!!
Gabe and me on transfer day. Love having someone from home here!

Elder Toledo and I (new Comp)
 All snuggled and warm with my new cold gear from home. Thanks Mom and Dad!

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