Monday, December 23, 2013

Feliz Navidad!!

¡¡Feliz Navidad!! I don't think I need to translate that one for all of you gringos! Haha It is very weird to think that it is Christmas for a couple of reasons. Numero uno, it is like 66 degrees here, so it will be my first Christmas without snow. Numero dos, I haven´t even looked forward to it because I have just a couple of other things to think about. And numero tres, It will be the first Christmas not in the presence of my fantastic family. But at least I get to Skype them right!?

This week was tough... again. All of our investigators were not home for appointments so that was tough, especially because we had members with us to do a lesson with them and so it was just a waste of their time and ours. So I got to thinking, "What are we doing wrong or what aren't we doing right" It is tough to have so much to offer and the people that you have connected with, who you know deep down that they are searching for it, don't seem to care enough to be home for 45 minutes to keep an appointment. But my companion taught me a good lesson unknowingly, well, I guess it was True to the Faith. But anyway, as part of our language study everyday we read out loud from church material in the other language. He was starting to read True to the Faith out loud and the first topic is Adversity. It talks about how adversity is a necessary part of life, and is completely normal, and is for our growth and learning. It also said that even when we are living a faithful life and doing everything right, God gives us adversity to push us to be better or to teach us something that couldn't be taught any other way. I just really wish I could find out what that something was and learn it already!! But if you find adversity in your life, try reading about it in True to the Faith, cause it is pretty dang great!

Okay so I don't know if you remeber but in my one of my other emails I talked about me and Élder Hernández giving a sick family a blessing, especially to the little boy who had been really sick for a while. Well we went back to check on them this week and had a great lesson with them. But the cool thing was that after we left, Élder Hernández told me that the mom told us that the little boy was totally fine the morning after the blessing. And the thing that5 suprised me was that I wasn't suprised. It was like I had had that knowledge before hand and somebody was just telling me something I already knew. It is awesome to have confidence in our Heavenly Father and to know that through His authority on this earth, He still works miracles.

Well this week is Christmas so I hope you all have the best time with your families!! Cherish what Christmas is all about, after all, Mary was the one to wrap the real Christmas present.(credit Dallin Wright and some sign in South Carolina, you know how they are in the bible belt.) Love you all and have an awesome Christmas!!!!!!!!

-Élder Morris

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