Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Another Six, Thank you!

Well, the verdict is in. I and Élder Hernández have 6 more weeks in Pedregal! So that's pretty awesome. Also, the weather here is super weird. They have the same saying that they have for Utah. "If you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes". Well I have 10 days until Christmas and I am wearing short sleeves, weird. 

Anyway, it is a super good thing that I am staying in this area because 1 I know where I can Skype on Christmas (most important to my mom) and 2 because we actually got some worthwhile investigators!!!! (The most important to me). This week we had 4 lessons with really awesome people, who all seem really prepared, especially this one girl named Elisa. We had the lesson on her front porch because her family was watching the soccer game and I have found out there is nothing that comes between the people of Monterrey and their fútbol  But in our lesson, she told us that she had had the missionaries come to her house when she lived with her parents. She had a lot of really great questions about the gospel that we were able to answer for her. I think that she was one of the people who weren't ready for it at that time but now our Heavenly Father put us back in her path. She really seems to have a real desire to find out what is the truth because she told us that she has assisted several different churches. So truth be told, I was really hoping that we would be able to stay in this area so see the change that this Gospel can bring to people’s lives.

Also this week, me and Élder Hernández had the opportunity to give 4 blessings. Those were awesome experiences! 3 were to a less active family who hadn´t come to church in a while. The family was sick. The spirit was so strong. And I know they felt it to because they came to church on Sunday! The other was to a member who had lost his job. It is good to feel the Lord working through you and you being literal tools in his hands.

This week one of our Zone Leaders that are also in our ward is finishing his mission so we had a little dinner thing for him at a member's house. That was great and all, but not what I want to share. What I want to share is how small actions can have a huge change on others. I was just having a bad day. No reason in particular, probably a mix of discouragement from having little to no success and the uncertainty of what this transfer was going to bring. But at this mini fiesta, I really had a change of perspective. The small act of feeding 4 missionaries a small good-bye meal is almost nothing, but the affect that the display of a little care can do for someone is huge. And that was just what I needed. So, look for the little things. Something that can seem like nothing to you can change the world for somebody else. I believe very strongly that miracles are hidden in the small details of life. Don't pass up an opportunity to be the answer to someone's prayer. Love you all!! Have an awesome Holiday Season!!

-Élder Morris

Traffic Logic

Beautiful sunsets here!

Zone Leaders party

How about my sweet Christmas present from a member!

Mitch trying to convince us he's gained weight. Really?

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