Saturday, September 28, 2013

Last week at the MTC

Mi Familia,
This week has probably been the best week yet!  Definitely the week where I have felt the spirit most!  But I’m not going to tell you yet. J  (It’s later in the letter). So I have realized that I haven’t really given much detail, so her it comes.
Elder Farnsworth (he is from Sandy) and I exercise out by the fence especially when BYU plays. We will definitely be there this Saturday. When we have personal exercise time we do “horizontal running” for 10-20 min. and just talk. It is a really good stress relief. Then for the next 30-40 min. we go hard.  On Monday I was walking like an old man. I don’t remember being this sore in my life!
So, spiritual experience, nah, maybe a little later, just keep reading. J  Also, I keep getting letters for a Mitch. I think that sounds familiar, but my first name is Elder. At least that is what everyone keeps calling me. Whoever it is, he really has some awesome people writing. He also sounds devilishly handsome. Lucky guy! Ha.
Well in the devotional last night we heard a talk about becoming a missionary. My favorite quote was “authority is conferred, but the power is earned.”  That has so much meaning for everyone in the church.  When we are set apart for a calling, we don’t automatically receive the power; we have to earn it by doing our best to fulfill the calling. “When service ceases to be a burden, it is in that moment we are endowed with power.”  If we replace the word “service” with our calling it can help with anything we are called to do.  I came across this scripture a while back and thought you (Mom) would find some comfort in it. Mosiah 28:7. Look it up! What, did you think I was going to make it easy?  I have people look up scriptures for a living! J 
Ok, now for the moment you’ve been waiting for. What I had for lunch, ha ha just kidding. J   Okay, so as you know we teach our teachers who act like investigators. So Elisa has problems with religion because she wants to find out everything for herself.  Problem is she doesn’t see the need for prayer in her life.  She likes to think someone is there, but she doesn’t know.  We had taught Elisa 3 times before this lesson and she is always distant and not very cooperative. So me and my companion had the goal in mind to commit her to pray. Like in Moroni 10:3-5.  The lesson was going the same as always, her not wanting to take it serious.  I’m not sure where the lesson was even going. My companion was getting frustrated. So, in my broken Spanish, I testified and promised her in the name of Jesus Christ, if she prayed like Moroni directs, she would receive an answer from God.  It was one of the most spiritual experiences I have had. It felt like I was completely engulfed by the Spirit. I could feel Heavenly fathers love for her and for a split second, I saw her as God does and I loved her. That experience hit me with so much power that I never will be able to forget that. Because of that, I know that by the power of the spirit, anything is possible.  Even a new missionary testifying with the spirit in terrible Spanish. 

Right now I’m sitting in the Mexican Consulate. I don’t know how long it will take. Hopefully not long at all. Today started really early, 3:45 am. We left the MTC at 4:30 am and went to the frontrunner station in Provo, then caught the Trax line from North Temple station to the airport. We ate some breakfast and waited for 2 ½ hours for our flight. Our flight was a Delta Connection so I was hoping to sit next to someone so I could strike up a conversation, but no such luck.
When we landed a nice old couple picked us up. They took us to the Boise State football field. It was as blue and ugly as ever. But it was cool if you’re into that color of blue. Then we went to a little nature park and looked at some animals. We then went to Chick-fil-a for lunch. It was way good. J  Then we went to some park and just relaxed.  It was way nice to relax and unwind. There were a ton of squirrels. Boise is a nice place. I guess Idaho isn’t that bad.
Oh man, I fell asleep at the Consulate. Crazy stuff! After the Consulate, we went to the mission home and registered them or something. Then we went and talked to the Boise Mission President. It was pretty cool. Isaac Ford had been reassigned to Boise until he got his Visa. I asked about him and found out he had left the day before. I was bummed that I missed him by such a narrow margin. We then went over to the Boise Temple. The woodwork was gorgeous they pulled out all the stops on this one. I sat next to a gentleman on the way home and waited for the moment to start up a conversation then pounced. We talked about where I was going and he asked me why I thought the church was doing so well in South America. I talked about the Book of Mormon and its origins in South America. We parted ways and he wished me luck in all my endeavors.  Good stuff!
Love you guys so much!!! Muchisimo amor!
Elder Morris

Elder Morris leaves for the Monterrey Mexico East Mission on Monday, Sept 30th. This Mom cannot wait to talk with him. He is ready to start this part of his adventure as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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