Monday, July 20, 2015

102 Down and 2 to go!!!

7/13/15  Email

Hey, how is it going family!? I hope that all is going good and that you guys all are loving life!
So this week was pretty good. We were able to find some pretty sweet people to teach this week. We taught some pretty awesome  lessons. It was also a really full week. We had a zone conference that was great! It was great because I didn't have to prepare it!!! But I did have to give a talk. It was nice though.

Anyways, this week we found a family that is really sweet. We were in the square contacting and I saw this family. So we keep contacting others, but this family just stays in my mind and it felt like my attention was just getting called to them. It is a family of 5 with 3 kids, 2 girls and 1 boy (Sound familiar?). They are great. Gabriel and Lisseth are the parents. They are pretty cool and I think they will be able to progress.

In other news, we were eating lunch yesterday when this guy comes running into the open door-way and tells us that some guy was robbing one of the bikes. So we all run outside and see this guy trying to get away on the bike going up a hill. So we all start running out after him. But I didn't because I had to stay with my comp. But Elder Farmer and Elder Monroy go chasing after him. Then a taxi driver stops his car and gets out and is at the top of the hill waiting for this guy. Right as Elder Farmer is about to reach the guy on the bike, the taxi driver grabs the handle bars and shoves the guy of the bike. SO FUNNY! Then the guy gets up, throws his hands in the air, and just walks off. Ha-ha I was laughing so hard! We came to the conclusion that this guy had to have been drunk for 2 reasons. 1. The way that he was struggling to get up the hill, not even being able to pedal good, and 2. because he was trying to steal a bike UP-HILL! Who in their right mind tries to steal a bike and go up-hill!? Everyone knows going downhill is so much faster. We all got a good laugh out of it.

 Anyways, that is what happened this week. Love you all a ton!!! Stay safe!! Watch out for drunk bike thieves!!!
Have a Great Week
-Elder Morris

7/20/15 Email
What's up!? How is life? I hope everything is good! 

Life is good here. We had a baptism this week!!! It was pretty sweet!! I don't have any photos cause the computer did something to my memory card, we will see if we can't get it fixed when I get home. I hope it isn't dead. Anyway, this was a good week. Our baptism was great! There was such a difference in her face when she got baptized. The difference was super obvious. I had some pictures.... good thing my comp took some pics too! It was funny though because Nina, our convert, has a problem with her leg and we had to put a chair in the font. But the font wasn't filled up enough so we had to wait and fill it up with her and my companion in the water while everyone was singing a song. It was pretty funny. But it all turned out really well and she shared her testimony afterward and it was really powerful. I am so glad that I am on the mission. And I am going to be enjoying these last two weeks to the fullest. Love ya!
Have a Great Week!!!

-Elder Morris

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