Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving in a can!

Wow, it is December already!? Time has flown!! Our mission President moved the transfer date up a week in order to have the missionaries be home for Christmas so I only have  more weeks in training. That is a really weird thought.

 The weather is way nicer. The temple was great. There was so many people that they were kicking members out and only investigators for the concert in the chapel. And they had to do two concerts too!

I made the mashed potatoes, Cheesecake, and gravy, but found out we don´t have a can opener. So I will buy one this week and I will make it a full meal. The package for Thanksgiving was awesome! Thanks to Alex for bringing it down to Mexico

This week was great!! We had a contact turn into a 45 minute lesson on the road. It was fantastic!! We pretty much made it through the whole Restoration. When we got to Joseph Smith, and I was explaining the first vision, they turned to each other and started laughing. So I prepped my Spanish in my mind to defend it and explain a little more. As I started to defend it, and here is the kicker, he said "No, I believe it." And I was thinking "I am not great at Spanish so is my mind playing tricks on me or what!?" But then he proceeded to tell us of an experience he had. He died. That´s right folks, he had died. Not for a couple minutes in the hospital with machines for life saving. No, he was dead in his house for a solid 15 minutes. How does he know he was dead? Well, he explained that he saw all white around him, and he trie to get up and had started freaking out when a person placed their hand on his shoulder and spoke peace to his heart. This person told him that he was dead and that it was time to move on, but this guy didn´t want to be dead, and so he made a promise with the person that if he could go back, he would take care of his little brother and sincerely look for religion. How much more can a person be prepared than that!?!? 

Also this week we had a meeting with one of the Area Seventy, Élder Valenzuela. I will just give you a brief rundown. He said there the four groups in the Work of Salvation- people who don´t know the gospel/investigators, recent converts, less actives, and members. I have never thought about all of them together, but it is true. It is not just the missionaries and investigators, it is all of us. Every single person on this earth falls into one of those categories. He also said a simile about m&m`s that I thought was really good. Missionaries and members are the m`s in m&m`s. One m alone is nothing. But put them together and you have a delicious candy-coated chocolate treat, I mean, you have great success in the mission work! 
So all you, yes you, whoever you may be, are a part of La Obra de Salvación. Try your best to further this work, because it is His work. 
Have a great week!!

-Élder Morris

If I keep eating everything I see this may be me! JK

Get that Corn outa my face, Nacho!

My no bake cheesecake for Thanksgiving, Thanks Mom!
How about those mad skills!

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