Saturday, November 2, 2013

Something is a little FISHY!!!

Mom, Dad, you would be SO proud of me! On Sunday, we had our usual meal planned with a member. We had been fasting and so when we arrived I was super excited for dinner. I sat down, talked with the family as best I could and waited for the food. The main course was fresh fish. And by fresh fish I mean caught Saturday by the member, cooled on ice over-night, fried right next to my chair, and slapped on to my plate. And this just wasn't a piece of fish either. This was the WHOLE fish. Eyes, fins, tail, scales, whole thing. The only thing that had been done to it was it had been gutted and breaded. For those of you who don't know, I am not the biggest fan of fish. So out of consideration of the family, I took a deep breath and dug in. Did I eat the fins and the tail section you might ask, why yes, yes I did. Did you eat all the scales too? Yes, yes I did. Did you eat the eyes!? Heck no! I wasn't that hungry!! And the members didn't even eat the eyes so I figured it would be okay if I didn’t as well. But would I if they had? You can bet your bottom peso I would have!!! And when they asked if I wanted seconds (which they always do) I said yes. Yes, I did it; I conquered my dislike of fish, well, at least for that Sunday afternoon.
Also on the subject of food, I made tamales, handmade tamales. We were at a new investigators house and gave a lesson on prayer and sang some hymns while we made tamales. That was freaking sweet. Then after when I was saying the closing oración, the lady (a Presbyterian) was saying amen and agreeing with all of my prayer. I have never had someone do that before so that was kinda funny. And then she gave us some sort of blessing. I didn't really understand it but it was kinda weird.
The language is really coming. I am able to understand a lot more of what the people are saying. I knew that the gift of tongues was real before but now I have a real testimony of the gift of tongues.
Intercambios, or for you non-Spanish speakers exchanges, are awesome!! I have gone with the district leader and the zone leaders. They are freaking rock stars!!! I have so much to learn and so much work to do to become a teacher like them!! It was a really cool experience because my trainer has only been out for 3 months and so he is relatively new so going with more experienced missionaries was great!!!
This morning we got to go to the temple. That was really awesome!! I didn't really get much because it was in Spanish but it was still way cool. The House of the Lord is The House of the Lord, whether people are speaking Spanish or English.
A scripture that I really liked this week is Helaman 5. I have been seeking how to receive more personal revelation and how to recognize it. This whole chapter is great but the part that really hit me was when it was talking about how characteristics of the Holy Ghost. I want you guys to go and read it for yourselves because when we read the scriptures looking for guidance, really looking, that is when the real teacher, the Holy Ghost, starts teaching. And for everyone it is different. So go find it for yourself!!!
For P day we went to the Temple with our zone.What an awesome experience. We then went to some park with a bunch of muesum type exibits and then ate at a members house with our whole zone. pretty sweet!!
Today being Halloween it’s great! Haha yeah, there are little kids running around yelling halloween with a mexican accent. It’s pretty funny. They are saying queremos halloween. ¨we want halloween!¨
Well, That all I got this week. Please ray for the members of the church. Not just in your own wards, but for the members throughout the world because trials and afflictions are universal.  Thanks for all your love and support!!
-Elder Morris

Found some cheap ties, SCORE!

Service project cleaning up at a members house after a fire.

New Investigator. Straight from the horses mouth!
Hide the sneaker.
Ward activity.
Pday at the Temple with my buds.

Elder Hernandez and me
Elder Pendleton and me
My favorite snack!

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