Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another use for Duct Tape!

Well, this week was a little tough. Just because we had a lot of appointments, but almost all of them fell through. It is really hard to have progressing investigators when they keep telling you to come back in a couple days. Another thing that was kind of weird was that we had a lesson with a hardcore atheist. Actually, that was kind of cool. We really made some progress and I think that slowly the spirit is working on him. I mean, why else would an atheist be reading The Book of Mormon? He listened to the lesson and had some really good questions. I think that he is one of those people who are looking for something, they just don’t know they are looking for something yet. Well, that is, until we serve it to them on a silver platter!!!!

This week we had a taxi driver stop and talk to us for a couple of minutes. It was raining so I thought of the story in Preach My Gospel about the taxi driver in Monterrey that offers a ride to some missionaries and then gets converted. Maybe this would be another story like that! He had taken English classes so when he saw me he pulled over. He just wanted to start practicing his English again. That is a little racist, don´t ya think? What, just because I am a white boy does that mean I speak English!? Well maybe..... but still!! Anyway, it was way cool because I was able to teach the first lesson in English. Funny thing, I kept saying things in Spanish, even though I was trying to teach in English. I hope that is a good sign!!

Another funny experience this week was when I was at church, I was told that I am better looking than Justin Beiber. I will admit I was a little flattered but then just super weirded out because the girl is in my ward and shouldn´t be saying things like that to a missionary.

Something that helped this week was when we had a training we watched a talk by Elder Holland to mission presidents about why a mission is so hard. He said something like a mission is hard ‘because you are doing what the Lord did. You are joining in the same work He labored in. Was it easy for him? NO? So why would we expect anything less than to experience just a fraction of what He went through. Him, the greatest of all, suffered a lot. And why would we expect to not go through anything? Just realize that you are participating in the work of the Lord and you stand shoulder to shoulder with the greatest missionaries. So know that it will be hard, just push on’. That has helped. I love it here. I love you all and am really thankful for all your support and prayers!!

Hasta próxima semana!!!!
 Cold times in Mexico!!! Elder Hernandez finding heat.

Duct Tape Engineering 101

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