Friday, September 6, 2013

Gift of Tongues or tongue tied.....NOT!

Sept 5, 2013

This week was so great! It was super tough to go back to work on Tuesday though. It was like a Monday x 3! But it was okay, because coming back to this work is a lot better than going back to school!
I have begun to love this work. It is hard, harder than I thought, but it is worth it. I know that when I put my faith in Christ, anything is possible. Even learning Spanish. I have definitely seen the Gift of Tongues at work in my life.
We were teaching one of our instructors who was playing an investigator he had met on his mission. We had planned on giving him a brief lesson on the restoration. When we were teaching, he started asking questions about the god head, something we weren't ready for. I didn't have any Spanish responses written down and it wasn't a subject that I had studied in Spanish. All of the sudden words that were relevant to the subject came into my mind. The problem I have with Spanish is that  I know the words that I want to use I just can't put the words together to make a coherent sentence, but when those words can into my mind I just started talking. It was great! I talked about how God and the Son have physical bodies and that the Spirit doesn't and that allows him to enter into our souls. It was crazy awesome!
The MTC is so great, everyone here has the same purpose and we all want to grow closer to our Heavenly Father. It is way tough but if I have faith, I know He will help me. I think that is the biggest thing I have learned here. If we turn over everything to the Lord, our problems, our worries, our mistakes and short comings, he will use us in ways we didn't think possible. We can become great tools if we let ourselves be crafted into what he wants. When you align your will with God's, nothing can stop you.
Love you all and thanks for the support and prayers. I have truly felt loved and blessed this week.

                                                            Mucho amor,
                                                                          Elder Morris

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