Monday, March 2, 2015

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes!

Monday- Crazy stuff. We saw meet the Mormons. IT WAS SO GREAT!!!! I hope it comes out on DVD because I have a feeling it would be better in English. But it was still pretty awesome. It brought such a strong spirit. Also, I am pretty sure that my mom cried through the last story as well as a lot of other missionary moms. We had 4 lessons with members. I have never seen that on a P-day. This ward is awesome. We taught Sandra the restoration and the spirit was so strong. I was overwhelmed and I know that she could really feel that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God.

Tuesday- I had exchanges in the muddiest area that I have ever been in. It was raining all Monday so there was some pretty serious mud. I bought a whole thing of oranges and by a whole thing, I mean like 30 oranges. DELICIOUS. I was able to testify with the spirit about how God has everything planned out. It is like we are looking through a microscope at a huge tapestry and all we can see are the little threads. We may think we know what it is going to be, God knows with a surety of what it will be because he made it and is currently making it. I would say I came up with that on the spot, but I would be stealing credit from the True Teacher, the Spirit.

Wednesday- Cold. The weather here is nuts. I don't think it is possible to predict it because everyone is always wrong.

Thursday- We ate pizza. I don't really remember Thursdays, with weekly planning they go by WAY to quick.

Friday- Exchanges again. We had some pretty sweet lessons. We found a golden investigator whose only problem is coming to Church. He has to work every other Sunday, but he is so awesome and his wife, well I haven't met her, but she is reading all of the restoration pamphlet and likes it so I am pretty sure they are super chosen. We also had a lesson with a Jewish/Christian couple. They were trying to say the Book of Mormon wasn't true because Jared didn't appear on some tablet as a descendent of Noah and a whole bunch of bologna like that. Listen, it is simple. READ with and open mind, MEDITATE the things that you read with a contrite spirit and open heart, and ASK our Father in Heaven in the name of Jesus Christ if these things are not true. BOOM!!! Problem solved. We also ate some pretty nice taco that night.

Saturday- Yeah, I don't remember.

Sunday- We had an awesome testimony meeting. And we had a couple really great investigators there who are really great also!!! Good stuff.

Love you Lots!!! Pictures and stuff this week!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

MMMMM Birthday stuff!

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