Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hot! Dang Hot!

What´s up!? Us, well, nothing much. We are just sitting here sweating.  It gets a little hot sometimes but that is all right. Okay, first things first. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (two days ago) TO MY DAD!!!! You all know how great he is and all he does for EVERYONE that surrounds him. If you don't know him, GET TO KNOW HIM!!!! He'll make your life better! haha He really does brighten up your day with a small act of service, often large acts of service, a funny joke, or just trying to make you smile with an accent (which are often Mexican... I will finally be able to beat him at that...) He is the perfect example of a humble, hardworking, priesthood holder. And what more, the perfect example of a loving father. An example that I hope to try and mimic one day. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Morris for birthing him so that I could be birthed to him. LOVE YA DAD!!

Let's see, what else.... This week was pretty usual. We didn't have a lot of lessons because we had a few meetings to go to and we had our Zone Conference, which was pretty much ALL day... But we learned some really good stuff.

Update on the investigators, Martha is still a rock’in and a roll’in. She is going to be baptized this Sunday!! She is such a cute little old lady. She said the prayer to end our gospel principles class and just thanked our Heavenly Father for sending her all of the blessings and changes she has seen in her life. And for the chance that she is going to have to be baptized in one week and for the strength to press forward in the true church. Really a cool experience! 

That leaves us with Ramiro. This guy is smart. His first time in the church he noticed all of the little things wrong with the ward. I don't know if you know but our ward is a little bit of apostasy. So he pretty much was telling us all of the things that happened that shouldn't happen in the chapel because it is a "holy place where we go to worship and learn from our Father." His words, not mine. Well, my words, but a translation of his. :)  He is just super prepared and his going to be a good leader in the church someday. We were talking about Christ and what he looks like and if anyone has ever seen him. That led us to the topic of prophets. That led him to ask if I had ever been in close proximity to a prophet before. I had the opportunity to give a personal testimony of the power and authority of the apostolic calling that Elder Cook has and to testify, with every fiber of my being and from the depths of my heart, that he is a prophet of God and a special witness the Jesus is the Christ. About that, I have no doubt. It was a super powerful experience. Something that I will never forget. 

Yeah, that’s about all I got for this week. 
Keep trying, even when you are down. Don't look from side to side for answers, because you'll just find opinions. Look up, because all truth comes from God. I hope you all have a great week! 

-Elder Morris

The picture doesn't do the tan justice at all! It's just a freckle past a hair.

I made Spaghetti and couldn't find any garlic bread. Then I saw this, it's here somewhere.

We can't have a dog so this is my pet Pedro.

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