Monday, October 14, 2013

I like my eyes just where they are thank you.....

October 14, 2013
Wow, almost 2 months in. That is insane!! This has gone by so stinking fast!!

On Saturday we had a family get baptized!! That was a way cool experience! I didn´t teach the family but my companion did so I got to know them really well. They are  really an amazing family!
Church on Sunday was great! I didn´t understand very much but it was the primary program and little kids mumbling scriptures and singing are pretty universal!  As I was looking around, I saw a mom with her baby. Then five minutes later it was on the other side of the chapel! As I followed the events that followed, I developed a unique and scientific name for what was happening, Pass the Baby. All the women wanted to hold the baby and all of them were willing to give it up to the next woman. Eventually the baby was returned to the mother, but I just thought it was funny how this baby was just passed up and down the pews.

I have come to understand that you don´t know how unique you are until you are the only one like you. It is like the Circus is in town everywhere I walk!!! All the little kids stare in wonder at me as I walk by. All the people we pass give me the weirdest looks, and I am pretty sure the only reason a quarter of the people we stop just stop to sit and get a better look at me. Hopefully they listen to our message. White skin, light hair, and blue eyes are a serious rarity in Mexico! My companion says that all the girls just gawk at how gorgeous a white, blue-eyed person is. I mean, I know I am pretty attractive already but down here in Mexico they treat me like I am not of this world!!  A little girl in the ward even asked if she could take my eyes out with a fork so she could keep them!!! If your into that kind of thing, good for you but my eyes are my eyes, I kind of need them!!

Our area was split when I got here and all of the progressing investigators are in the other area so me and my companion spend most of the day street contacting and walking around. It is SO tough!! The people that we do get addresses from never seem to answer their door. So every day seems like a really long day, and the Spanish is coming SO slow! It is hard to have patience and realize that I actually am progressing. But no one said this would be easy and I wasn´t expecting it to be so I am just pushing on!

We do a lot of work with the less-active in the area so right now we are working to reactivate a single mother. Her son is 9 and wants to get baptized so that is pretty exciting!! We only have 2 investigators so far. They are an older couple who seem really interested in religion so hopefully we can continue to meet with them. We have only had one lesson so hopefully they let us come back!!

We had one lesson with this guy who was so drunk he could barely stand. I mean this guy was WASTED! I don´t know which missionaries referred him to us but I wonder what they were thinking when they did! He had beer bottles EVERYWHERE! And not the U.S. size beer bottles either. Here in Mexico, they take their liquid very seriously. All of the soda and water are 3 liters. So, like soda, their beer bottles are at least 25-30% bigger. He opened 2 bottles in the time we were there!!! He was so drunk that he didn´t even realized that his first beer wasn´t even empty. That was pretty funny because my companion, a Mexican, could barely understand him and I was just sitting there trying not to laugh.

Another new experience is teaching my companion. He has only been a member for a year and a half so I do a lot of explaining the doctrine. Right now he is reading in 2 Nephi where Jacob is quoting Isaiah. I spent almost all of a companionship study just trying to explain a couple chapters. There are parts where I have no idea what is going on so I´m just like ´´Sorry, you´re asking the wrong Elder!´´

Every day is something new and something crazy! It is always hot and always exhausting but there are people out there who are prepared to receive this gospel, we just have to find them and talk to them on the streets!! 

Thanks for all of your support and prayers!! Hasta próxima semana!!! (Until next week)

-Elder Morris

This is our bedroom, small and comfy. We keep the air on all day so I sleep like a baby in my sleeping bag at night.


                                              This is my companion and his first companion/trainer.

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